Car4Self Drive is a free listing website specializing in self-drive car rental agencies. All our listings are offered a free link to their website as well as other contact information if shared.

What makes us different?

There are many car rental listing websites such as Auto Europe,, Drivemycar, Car rental express, and Auto rental news among several others. These all have one thing in common; comparing prices of the different service providers.

At Car4 Self Drive, we only compare prices through our blog. Due to the fact that our goal is not to get you to book with us, we list all the possible service providers who never get a chance to feature on some of the top directories whose focus is to list as well as convert business through their listings.

Listing Verification

All verified listings have a green tick. We only verify listings that possess the following qualities;

  • A TripAdvisor page that has at least 25 reviews
  • A local telephone contact
  • Proof of membership with a recognized tourism association
  • $10 to work on the verification


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